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The cash management software Iziago can be summed up as follows:

  • Modularity and synergy: Each module manages one aspect of cash management:
    • Some modules are directly accessible without subscription (Home, Users and rights, Settings and My subscription).
    • Others require to be enabled in your contract or free trial (Cash forecasting, Payment, and Direct debits). Still the modules are built with synergistic feature to share data when several are enabled.
  • Collaboration:
    • Share data between users of a same account.
    • Security management with detailed rights to define for each user and log features.
  • ISO 20022 compliant:
    • ISO 20022 is the new international standard for file format to be applied by all banks and for all types of bank messages. European countries have already adopted ISO 20022 along with the SEPA standard for direct debit management. Account statements will soon be available in this format too.

Before diving into the pages of this help, please get to know the basic principles of Iziago's navigation as shown in the following pages:

To start off with, here are a few basics you need to know when using Iziago:

Button Description
Click on Help at the upper right corner of a screen to display its corresponding help page.
Click on Log out to log out of Iziago. If you log out before saving, a pop-in window displays, asking you to save current modifications.
Click on Home at the upper left hand corner of the screen to return to the homepage of Iziago.
When filling out a form, click the tooltip icons to display brief explanations about the fields.
When filling out a form (object creation or modification), click on Back to return to the previous page. If you have not saved your modifications, the application asks you to confirm before leaving the page.
When displaying lists of objects, click on New to add a new object.
When adding a new object or editing an existing one, click on Save to save it in your database.
In objects' pages (users, companies, etc.), click on Show to fully display the content of the sections.
In objects' pages (users, companies, etc.), click on Hide to hide the content of the sections.
In date fields, you can manually enter dates or click the calendar icon to select a date.