Review transactions

The Cash forecasting > Daily treasury > Reconciliation > Review transactions menu enables you to review your forecast transactions before adjusting them. You can:

  • Modify a transaction (for example, by postponing its date, or modify its amount or its transaction code).
  • Delete a transaction.
  • Flag a movement as realized or not realized.

Displaying transactions

To display the forecast transactions, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Cash forecasting > Daily treasury > Reconciliation > Review transactions.
  2. In the Accounts field, select the account you wish to display. If you wish to add more accounts, click on + to reopen the list and add an account. You can also select a group of accounts, if you have any. To do so, select the group of your choice, which automatically includes all its accounts. You can unselect an account by clicking on it. This action doesn't remove the account from the group permanently.
  3. In the Display transactions field, define the period to display:
    1. In the From field, you can enter the date of the last review transaction.
      Note: If there are any forecast transactions left before this date, Iziago will automatically display them.
    2. In the To field, select the desired date. By default, the selected date is the current date + 5 days.
  4. The Adjustment date field is by default the current date. It enables you to distinguish between forecast transactions before the specified date and those after the specified date:
    1. Specify whether you wish to display the transactions according to their value date or their booking date. Leave Booking date selected, unless your account statement displays value dates.
    2. If you wish, modify the adjustment date. Make sure to select a date in the past for which you have the corresponding bank balances.
  5. In the Display field, check the type of transaction to display: 
    • All transactions
    • Forecast transactions only
    • Realized transactions only

      Note: If you wish for the transactions to be still displayed in the table once they have been flagged as realized, check All transaction.

  6. Click on Display. Iziago shows for each selected account the date of your last adjustment and the adjusted cash balance on that date.
  7. Close the window to access your forecasts table.
  8. If you wish, you can refine your search by using the fields in the Other filter criteria section, and then clicking on Display.
    Reminder: Click on the buttons at the right of each section to open or close it.

Reviewing the displayed transactions

  1. Once the transactions are displayed, check each one of them.
    • To adjust the information of a transaction, you can:
      • Modify the desired fields directly in the table. For example, to postpone a non-realized transaction, change its date.
      • Click, on the line of the transaction to be modified, on the link in the Edit column. The forecast transaction is displayed in the Edit forecast transaction screen. Modify the desired fields and click on Save. To return to the transaction review screen, click on Back.
      • Apply quickly the same modifications to several transactions:
        1. Select the transactions to be modified.
        2. Click on Mass edit. In the Modification of transactions window, define the desired values (codes, booking and value dates, etc.), then click on Apply and confirm the modification by clicking on Modify.
    • To delete non-realized transactions, select them and click on Delete.
    • To indicate that the transactions have been realized, you can:
      • Click in the Realized column of each movement. The green cursor of these movements indicates that they are now flagged as realized.
      • Select all the movements to be flagged as realized, then click on Flag as realized. The green cursors of these movements indicate that they are now flagged as realized.

        Note: A transaction flagged as realized cannot be deleted and only its Transaction code or Budgetary code can be modified.
  2. After reviewing your forecast transactions, you can adjust your forecast balances. To do so, you have two options:
    • You can adjust your balances directly on this screen:
      1. Click on Adjust balance.
      2. In the Adjust balances window, enter the bank balance shown on your account statement on the adjustment date in the Real bank balance column.
      3. Leave the Create adjustment forecasts option selected and click on Confirm.
    • You can select Cash forecasting > Reconciliation > Adjust balances menu and follow the balance adjustment procedure.

      Note: By default, the transaction code (according to your Iziago preferences) and the budgetary code of the adjustment forecast will be "ADJUST".