Logs are made to keep track of every user’s actions within Iziago. Monitoring user activity ensures a high level of security by identifying any malevolent action in the software.

The Users and rights > Audit > Logs menu enables you to search through user activity history, including:

  • Creation, edition and deletion of any object in the software
  • Connection and disconnection of the user
  • Locking and unlocking of a user
  • Actions on password and authentication card

Searching through users’ logs:

  1. Select Users and rights > Audit > Logs menu.
  2. In the Range date fields, select a period on which to carry out the search (From-To)
  3. In the drop-down lists, refine your search by selecting:
    • A user
    • A category
    • A feature
  4. Click the Display button

You can run an overall search on user history by leaving these fields set to All.