Iziago is hosted on a highly secured infrastructure, but we recommend that you remain vigilant when connecting to the software. Should you encounter any suspicious activity, please contact us at, and always follow the simple following rules:

Keep your password secret

Do not disclose your password to anyone, even to your administrator or Exalog. We will never ask you for any personal data, either by phone, letter or email. If you ever come accross such a request, ignore it and contact us quickly.

Change your password regularly

Changing your password regularly ensures a better security. To change your password, navigate to Users and Rights > My data > Authentication and interface.

Beware of phishing

Ill-intentioned people may pass themselves off as your bank and ask you for your password. Emails containing misspelled words or grammatical mistakes should raise your suspicions. Ignore them and contact us quickly.

Watch out for https://

When browsing, your operations are secured through data encryption: The usual http:// becomes https:// (s for "secure") ensuring a secured connection. Make sure you always get the following URL in your navigation bar:

Remember to log out

After using Iziago, clicking on  at the top right of the screen is essential to protect your data. Note that the software automatically logs out after 20 minutes of inactivity if you forget to log out.